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Best friends from the beginning, Jackson & Annmarie had their first date on the beach in Florida. They stopped in a local CVS to get snacks, drinks, and cute towels with turtles on them. They sat atop their new towels and enjoyed the a beautiful sunset together getting to know each other as new partners.

Because of their adorable first date, Jackson planned an incredibly sweet and thoughtful proposal for Annmarie. He laid out his own custom beach in Annmarie’s grandparents’ backyard. Complete with a towel (minus the turtles), seashells, and atmospheric fairy lights, he brought the Floridian beach to the Green Mountains. Jackson even set up the snacks and drinks they had gotten on their first date to add an extra level of nostalgia.

The proposal was beautiful and intimate and then they celebrated with both of their families. Jackson included Annmarie’s best friend in the proposal plan to help coordinate things and so once Annmarie said yes, her best friend jumped out from behind the bushes to envelop her in a huge hug.

Congratulations Jackson & Annmarie on your engagement!

September 1, 2020

A Beach-Inspired VT Proposal | Jackson & Annmarie

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