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First of all, I know what you’re thinking. What in the world is “Dubsado”? Is it even a word? Dubsado, name chosen from something the founders’ son kept saying, is a Client Relationship Management System which is a fancy way of saying that it’s a tool that I use to organize my business. It’s pronounced dub-SAH-doe and I can pronounce it as the best thing to have happened to not only my business but my clients as a result.

Dubsado has allowed me to do what I do in a productive, professional, & self-sufficient manner. I found Dubsado at the perfect moment for my business. I knew that I needed some kind of client management system as I was steadily gaining more clients and had heard of other companies, but none of them felt like they wanted to help me and my business succeed like the team behind Dubsado did & continues to do every single day.

I used to be overwhelmed with contracts and invoices. With Dubsado I have a peace of mind that everything will be done on time, look incredible, and be super user-intuitive for my clients who have told me how easy & simple I’ve made things for them. With this system I can create a personal portal for my clients where we can share information about their wedding or portrait session and it makes everything easy for my clients and it’s overall super amazing + convenient.

I’m a wedding photographer, and any photographer will know that being behind the camera & physically shooting is a small percentage of what the job is. Giving my clients incredible service is how I can be the best photographer for them. The best part is that Dubsado isn’t just for wedding photographers; it’s not even just for photographers. This system helps loads of creatives with their businesses as well as anybody who has any type of business! A car salesman would find Dubsado just as beneficial as I do even though they’re drastically different fields. Anybody who has clients and want to provide the best service will fall in love with what Dubsado has to offer. Dubsado has been the best tool to make that happen for me so that I can be behind the camera doing what I love.

The best part about Dubsado is that they offer a free trial, but unlike most companies, the free trial is not timed! They allow you to use their system with up to three clients which is incredible and is ultimately what sold me because it meant I could take my time figuring out the system and weighing the pros and cons. 

Try Dubsado for free & and you’ll receive 20% off your first month!
Dubsado Free Trial

If you need one more reason to try Dubsado know that their customer service is unrivaled. They are a self-funded company which boils down to the fact that they are in charge of how they work & operate. They choose what new features to work on (they’re constantly updating and adding new ways to make running a business more efficient) and when they are released. They don’t listen to investors to know what needs to be worked upon, they listen to the users of Dubsado (names like Dubbsters and Dubnation have been used though there is not official name).

To wrap things up, here is a summarized list of why you need Dubsado in your life:

  1. Through Dubsado you are able to organize all parts of your business to improve your professionalism & make your business run smoother.
  2. There is a Facebook community group with other creatives + business owners who help each other when learning to implement all the new updates that Dubsado send out!
  3. Free untimed trial + 20% off your first month using the affiliated link above!
  4. The time you save with effortless contract drafting & invoicing allows you to do what you love: the reason you began your business all along.
  5. Dubsado’s customer service is outstanding + updates are made consistently improving the system (at no extra cost).

Random bonus fact: if you send them an email or send them a message in their chat writing “GIF ME” they will send you a gif and it’s quite amazing.

March 23, 2018

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