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People always say they can’t wait for summer to come, but people often forget about the joys of Spring arriving. Boston’s a great city to wander around during the start of Spring.

The glowing & radiant Nishat was all kind of kind, sweet, & charming. She is currently studying hard & working loads as she is a Graduate student as well as a teacher for young kids.

Along with being a student & teacher, Nishat is known for being a Content Creator on YouTube as well as an Instagram lover. Her content reflects her upbeat & encouraging personality (& her love of doughnuts!!). Check out her videos by clicking here & see her photos here.

Nishat loves kids & has extreme amounts of fun with them. She explained how the daycare she works at treats the young kids with respect and responsibility & that’s an amazing way of running a daycare. Nishat even went on to say that the kids use Mason Jars & “adult” art supplies for their art which was really inspiring to learn about.

Nishat is a bundle of sweetness & kindness, and so The Esplanade was the perfect spot for her! The weather in the morning was very overcast, dark, & stormy, and by the afternoon the sky had cleared up completely & the sun came out. Nishat brought lovely weather along with her bright smile.

April 25, 2016

Spring Dreams | Nishat

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