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A complete surprise to their family, Tad + Steph got engaged on their one year anniversary. They met last year on a trip to a mutual friend’s thirtieth birthday where they spent the entire weekend getting to know one another. While the festivities ended, their story only began. Steph’s birthday is on November 15th, and Tad’s elaborate engagement involved tricking their family into coming to a “Surprise Birthday Party” for Steph hosted at Explorateur in Downtown Boston. Everyone yelled “surprise!” and Steph yelled “surprise!” back which was met with confused but incredibly excited faces once they saw the ring on her finger. Because it was their special day, Tad prepared a luxurious breakfast for Steph to come home to after yoga. She had no idea her Saturday would end in her engaged to her love!

From that wonderful surprise meal, that’s when the magic began. She had a set of boxes to open in a Russian Doll style, with the smallest one containing a key that would unlock a box that hung on the collar of their Golden Retriever named Cricket. Tad gifted Steph a jewelry box filled with not a ring, but instead dog treats in order to lure Cricket out to them. The box that hung on Cricket’s collar was so heavy that it took her more effort than normal to hold her head up. Tad wrote Steph a heartfelt anniversary card with a hidden message (hint: it was the big question!).

Steph’s engagement ring is an incredibly gorgeous vintage Cartier ring that Tad bought in London — he’s been planning the engagement for months, and it truly paid off. On the inside of the ring is a personal engraving for Steph, it reads — “Do you know?” as that’s the catchphrase Tad always tells Steph when he impresses her with a newfound fact. The diamond is embedded in the ring; Steph’s cousin lovingly compared it to their love, embedded in each other.

A very special thank you to Explorateur for hosting Tad + Steph’s party!

November 18, 2018

Surprise Engagement Party at Explorateur in Downtown Boston | Tad + Steph

  1. Thaddeus Crawford says:

    Thank you for capturing our special day! These look amazing 🙂

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