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International Women’s Day was last week and it was a truly wonderful thing to be able to read so many stories about so many incredible women across the world. I loved being about to learn about people who I wouldn’t otherwise know; each story is so meaningful for everybody and I love the compassion that flowed through the entire day. In honor of celebrating women not only on a designated day, here are three women who I’ve been fortunate to meet and who are not only incredibly kind, but also inspiring in the short amount of time that I’ve gotten to know them.

These women each hold their version of self-confidence and self-respect and it is their Girl-Power that encapsulates the importance of recognizing the small gestures and the small moments of empowerment. Every-Day Girl Power is underrated, but extremely effective & I’m thrilled that the rest of the world is coming to terms that women are here to make positive change.


March 12, 2018

The Every-Day Girl Power Portraits | Lauren, Jourdan, & Romy

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