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honest, thoughtful, & reflective
for couples in love + their four-legged family

& I'm sure you do too.

I believe animals are people too.

My cousin married the love of her life in


the philosophy behind my love for weddings

She had been with her partner for five years prior to that. As a family, we all knew that they would marry and have children together. (He even surprised her with a puppy one year -- yes, they were that committed to each other). Everybody was absolutely ecstatic when he proposed. Fast forward to their wedding day: everybody was nervous, anxious, and most of all excited for the day's events to unfold. She prepared for her day in her parents' home, while he was getting ready in their own home.

Insert me, wide-eyed, heart full, camera in hand. At that point I was just beginning to learn about photography. I followed their photographer around the house and noted the timeline of the day. I remember pin-pointing where the photographer was during every part of the wedding day. I saw the photographer take a gorgeous gown + shoe image and knew then that I would be in her shoes one day.

Since then, I always remember how it felt to be a part of the family during a wedding and carry that close to my heart when I'm photography the wedding details, the tears falling from parents' eyes, and the love that the couple give to each other with only one look in their direction.

Hello there, my name is Mei Lin (it's my first name and it's pronounced May-Lynn) and I really love pugs.

I am a quiet, introverted soul. You can find me losing track of time + my immediate surroundings while I'm reading a book (I sobbed on a train after finishing Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng).

Going to the cinemas fills my heart with so much joy. Sharing the experience of seeing a new film with strangers sitting nearby is something that is such an odd and rare thing, that it both comforts and intrigues me.

Merci d'être venu; I hope I get to meet you & your
four-legged family soon ~

this wonderful illustration is crafted by the immensely talented Andrea Porretta

I grew up with the kindest

labrador retriever

the philosophy behind my love for animals

His name was Tin Tin and he was one of the most patient, kind, + trusting people I've known. He was an extra large lab, (not on purpose -- that's just how he was!). The phrase gentle giant comes to mind thinking of him. He taught me how to love a dog, and how to be loved by one.

Since then, I've always lived surrounded by animals which is why I genuinely believe that animals are people too. From dogs, cats, birds, horses, and miniature horses, so many four-legged people have come into my life.

I have so many fond memories of all the animals I've crossed paths with, (not just the ones who a part of my family), and I am incredibly grateful to be able to keep making new four-legged friends.

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Published Work

~Gypsy hates being the odd one out & will verbally let you know if she's being excluded

~Her favorite food is cheese, any kind as long as there's lots of it

~Miss Gypsy is a big fan of taking walks if she's being pushed in her stroller (shopping cart made into a custom stroller) or held in her doggie sling

~Her tongue is ridiculously long (it’s not fully extended in the photo you see!)

Meet Gypsy

also known as "Miss Gypsy"

~Oreo has long legs so he supports his weight well (corroborated by his vet)

 ~He loves to "nurse" certain stuffed animals especially when he's stressed (his pig toy is among his favorites)

~Oreo loves running on the beach, you wouldn't even know that he spends most hours in the day sleeping

~He’s the pug that started it all

Meet Oreo

better known as "Bubsy"

I would like to introduce you to two

 of the most important people in my life.