Like you, I believe the perfect wedding is one where the focus is on being grounded in the present moment.

Meet Mei Lin:

Sustainability is so important to me and so I'm absolutely thrilled to be a member of the Green Wedding Alliance. I incorporate as many ecological methods as I can to make sure you getting your cherished memories photographed has as little of an environmental impact as possible.

It fills me with so much joy to be able to work with so many laid-back, untraditional couples who are grounded in the present moment. It's important to me to create a community of belonging and understanding with each and every one of my couples. I can’t wait to meet you and your four-legged family soon!

I am a quiet, introverted soul, just like most of my couples. This helps me observe and capture the most tender candid moments on your wedding day without being obtrusive.

I am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and as a queer woman of color, I am a safe place for all couples of all genders, sexualities, races, and religions. Everyone deserves a safe place to get their love documented.

Hi there, I'm Mei Lin and I am a queer Chicago intimate wedding photographer who really loves pugs.

You've found your person; you already did the hard part. Celebrating your love to the fullest shouldn't be difficult.

I empathize with my introverted couples and thrive on making them feel seen and comfortable. All you have to do is focus on loving your partner and I'll show you how beautiful your love is.

Specializing in intimate weddings for the untraditional couple, small weddings bring everyone such joy. There's something extremely comforting about surrounding yourself with your closest friends and family. You can take your time and get the most out of every guest you invite which will make for an amazing experience for yourself and them.

Documenting couples with their four-legged family brings me incredible amounts of joy; it is made even more special when they are a part of couples' wedding day or engagement session.

That special day is meant to celebrate with your family, and dogs are a part of your family too.

I want to create a safe space for all kinds of couples to celebrate all kinds of love.



social justice


Animal welfare


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My Heart Is Filled With

~G hated being the odd one out & will make all sorts of sounds to let you know she was feeling excluded
~Her favorite food was cheese, any kind as long as there’s loads of it
~Miss G was a big fan of taking walks if she was pushed in her doggie stroller or held in her doggie sling
~Her tongue was ridiculously long (it’s not even fully extended in the photo you see!)

also known as "Miss G"

Meet G

~Oreo had long legs so he supported his weight well (corroborated by his vet)
~He loved to “nurse” certain stuffed animals especially when he’s stressed (his pig toy is among his favorites)
~In his old age he used a wheelchair
~He’s the pug that started it all

better known as “Bubsy”

Meet Oreo

Meet the pugs who belong in my heart.

They have since passed away, but remain forever loved.

Emma, Maya, & Kona, engagement session with rescue dog

"Everything that Mei Lin did was above and beyond our expectations. We are a same-gender couple who got engaged and wanted a romantic photoshoot with our pup in our city, Chicago. We loved every single one of our photos and are using them in our wedding website! We cannot thank her enough for all the personal work and touches that she put into our session. 

Jin & steven,
wedding + engagement

"I really appreciated that during our wedding based on our comments on her questionnaire that we wanted some great photos of our friends that she went out of her way to make sure everyone who wanted to be featured in the wedding album with their own photos got the chance."

Missy, Tom, & rescue dog Marigold, elopement & anniversary session

“Our dog is very anxious and Mei Lin took all the necessary steps to help her feel more comfortable. Mei Lin is professional, kind, thoughtful, and produces gorgeous photos. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Danielle & rescue dog Milo, portrait session with dog

"After the day was done, all I could think was that I wanted to schedule another one... It will definitely not be my last! And I recommend Mei Lin to all my friends and family. She is kind, professional, highly skilled, and gets great results."

Katy, Brian,
& rescue dog Ruben, engagement

"Mei Lin was wonderful to work with and made us feel very comfortable, she picked out the perfect location and even got the dog to listen! [We] cannot WAIT to see the beautiful photos [we] know will be coming once our wedding day arrives!"

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

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Ensuring animals get the love, respect, and life they deserve should be the bare minimum. I am always in awe of all the good that local shelters and nationwide shelters do for our community of four-legged people.

I've had varied experiences in the animal care industry which have influenced my passion for creating safe spaces where animals can thrive. Photography is my way of showcasing the humanity in animals.

Animal Welfare

I grew up in a predominantly white and heteronormative neighborhood. I understand what it's like to be alienated on multiple accounts for simply being true to yourself. It's why social justice has been a core part of the foundation of my business.

It's important for me to not only recognize, but celebrate and honor diverse people, couples, and backgrounds. All kind of love is celebrated here and I want this to be your safe space to fully express your love so I can document it for you.

Social Justice