Mei Lin Barral Photography

honest + reflective imagery

for couples in love + their four-legged family

& I'm sure you do too.

I believe animals are people too.

I grew up alongside the

kindest labrador retriever

how my love for animals began

When I was young, I went to choose a yellow Labrador Retriever with my mom. We named him Tin Tin (named after Les Aventures de Tin Tin); he was one of the most patient, kind, + trusting people I've known. I was an only child and was so fortunate to have grown up with him. He taught me how to love a dog, and how to be loved by one.

I have given a piece of my heart to so many animals, and they have in turn, given me a piece of theirs. This is why I genuinely believe that animals are people too.

Documenting couples with their four-legged family brings me incredible amounts of joy; it is made even more special when they are a part of couples' wedding day. That special day is meant to celebrate with one's family, and dogs are a part of that family.

Hi there, my name is Mei Lin (I know I have an odd first name; it's pronounced May-Lynn) and I really love pugs.

I am a quiet, introverted soul. You can often find me engrossed in the latest novel or memoir I'm reading (I sobbed on a train after finishing Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng).

When reading, I love to snack on popcorn or olive bread. If I need a little something sweet, I'll make a delicious vegan chocolate mousse.

When not cozied up indoors, you can find me marveling at a musical in a local theatre. (I really recommend Watiress and Once).

Merci d'être venu; I hope I get to meet you & your
four-legged family soon ~

this wonderful illustration is crafted by the immensely talented Andrea Porretta

The Boston Globe
Publisher's Weekly
Yankee Magazine
Burlington Free Press

Wedding Boston
Vermont Bride Magazine
Winter/Spring 2018
Contemporary Weddings Magazine

Vermont Bride Lookbook Issue No. 9
The Daily Dog Tag
Deco Weddings
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~Gypsy hates being the odd one out & will make all sorts of sounds to let you know she's feeling excluded

~Her favorite food is cheese, any kind as long as there's loads of it

~Miss Gypsy is a big fan of taking walks if she's being pushed in her stroller (shopping cart made into a custom stroller) or held in her doggie sling

~Her tongue is ridiculously long (it’s not fully extended in the photo you see!)

Meet Gypsy

also known as "Miss Gypsy"

~Oreo has long legs so he supports his weight well (corroborated by his vet)

~He loves to "nurse" certain stuffed animals especially when he's stressed (his pig toy is among his favorites)

~Oreo loves running on the beach, you wouldn't even know that he spends most hours in the day sleeping

~He’s the pug that started it all

Meet Oreo

better known as "Bubsy"

I would like to introduce you to two

 of the most important people in my life.