Signature Dogs

Argelia, Charles, & Canela

Portage park couple session


In home senior session

K, Erin, & Lexy

Downeast Cider Anniversary

Missy, Tom, & Marigold

Mount Mansfield summit anniversary session


Waterfront session


Backyard rescue session

Danielle & Milo

Chestnut hill reservoir session

Brunhilde & Flossie

Backyard Greyhound session


Snowy Golden Retriever session


Boston South End senior pug session

Danielle & rescue dog Milo, portrait session with dog

"Mei Lin reassured me that she was ready to wait until [my rescue dog] Milo was comfortable and make his session as easy as possible, which took a lot of stress off my shoulders. And she was true to her word!"

Sarah & David, wedding/anniversary session

"I'm so pleased with the photos [Mei Lin] took; not only are they beautiful, but they so successfully capture the essence of our relationship in all of its quirky glory that one friend of mine said, 'These are the best wedding photos ever.'"

Missy, Tom, & rescue dog Marigold, elopement & anniversary session

“Our dog is very anxious and Mei Lin took all the necessary steps to help her feel more comfortable. Mei Lin is professional, kind, thoughtful, and produces gorgeous photos. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Paige & Chris, wedding

"There were so many small touches and Mei Lin highlighted all of them. I highly recommend Mei Lin. Our wedding was VERY dog friendly and she did a great job showcasing all of their personalities."

Erin, Jeff, & rescue dog Princess, wedding & engagement

"Throughout the entire process Mei Lin was very communicative, asked useful questions, and promptly answered questions and concerns.  We’re really glad we were able to squeeze in some photos at home with our dog as well. All of the photos ended up looking fantastic, and she delivered our gallery very quickly."

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