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Nine years ago, Erin & Jeff began their journey as partners in life together. They met in college and bonded instantly because they’re both self-proclaimed science nerds.

As a couple, Erin & Jeff discussed their future and decided they would get married. They found a local jeweler who was the perfect fit for them who told Jeff they would send a secret email to let him know Erin’s ring was ready to be picked up. Of course, Jeff had planned for the day itself to be a surprise, but one day when he came home Erin asked him in a casual way “how’s it going, when do you think we’re going to get the ring?”, not thinking Jeff would unfortunately immediately ruin his own plans. He told her he had picked up the ring and had hidden it in the house.

When it came time for the proposal, Erin asked first; she asked Jeff if he would marry her not with a ring, but with a delicious cheesecake (he said yes!). Erin & Jeff like to celebrate prime anniversaries (instead of the standard ones). Because of this, Jeff sweetly proposed on a day when it was a prime number of days that they had been together. Their four-legged family Princess attended the proposal and proceeded to congratulate Jeff with loads of unsolicited (but still appreciated) licks + kisses. To end that exciting day, they went out to dinner at Urban Hearth.

All three of them are excitedly waiting to celebrate, October 2021!

October 6, 2020

Lakeside NH Engagement w/Pup | Erin & Jeff

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