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”It’s like a magic wizarding school but without the transphobia”.

Sarah & David’s story began at their workplace, and who doesn’t love a good workplace romance? They both worked at a bookstore, though David was in the section with the actual books, and Sarah was placed in the souvenir section (you know, the one with all the t-shirts and novelty mugs). Safe to say that wasn’t Sarah’s ideal job, but through it she met her now-spouse. Their proposal story may seem a bit unconventional at first, but once you really get to know Sarah & David, you can’t imagine another way for them to be wedded. Sarah told David one day, “I think it would be easier to be married than not”. They got married under the rain at city hall, so here’s to many years of good luck.

Like many couples, they had a very intimate (read: just the two of them & their officiant) elopement at city hall last year right in the middle of the pandemic. It suited them as a couple to a T; they love each other and aren’t worried about all the “extra” things that can come with a wedding, they just wanted to be married to each other.

It was a few months after the fact that they decided they wanted some couple portraits to commemorate this special time in their lives. Due to everything, their session was postponed, and so fast-forward to this year, their couple session ended up being an anniversary session. In their session, Sarah included her gay earrings to show off her queerness, a really cool tote bag, and a thrifted dress ($18!). Cambridge was featured in their couple’s session. From the magic wizarding school (sans transphobia) vibes of Lesley University, the gorgeous historic Longfellow House, and the beautiful green gardens, they could not have picked prettier places. And their ideal date night? Sitting in bed together watching the latest kdrama. It’s what they often do to unwind together, and it’s the most perfect date night for them. Crash Landing On You fans, anyone?

Happy upcoming first wedding anniversary Sarah & David! (And happy upcoming birthdays!)

Special thank you to the Longfellow House and the Brattle Campus at Lesley University!

July 7, 2021

An Historic Anniversary Session

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