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To commemorate earning an exciting new illustration + graphic design job,
Danielle decided to celebrate by getting brand new portraits of herself at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir with her rescue dog Milo (with no less than three matching outfits).

A little bit about Mr. Milo; Milo had a rough start to his life as he was found in Louisiana when he was thrown out of a car on the highway. Someone who knew Danielle’s mother saw him, rescued him, and became his foster mom until she could find him a forever home. Fortunately for little Milo, Danielle had been looking for just the right dog for a long time. And so, when her mother said she knew someone who was looking to find a home for a dog, Danielle knew this could be the one. Very quickly, she asked for pictures and then was soon driving down to Virginia to pick him up.

Since then, Danielle and Milo have happily gone on many walks at the very reservoir where they had their portrait session. Milo has an enormous plushie collection (his dinosaur is his favorite) and his happy place is in the comfort of Danielle’s arms. Decked out in three matching outfits, Danielle & Milo received so many compliments at the reservoir.

Congratulations to Danielle on the new job and here’s to Milo for being the cutest little dog clothing model ever!

If you’re looking for illustration and/or design work, I cannot recommend enough that you contact Danielle:
Danielle Hill Illustration & Design

September 6, 2021

Reservoir Portrait Session with Rescue Dog

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